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How can a cot strengthen the bond with the mother early on?

The answer is through closeness, touch and contact. The fact that a side flap creates the connection to the child is new in this form of BABYNEL-Bed co-sleep. Transporting the baby in the bed on castors was a first step, but creating a flap that is easy to open with this design gives everyone involved the security of knowing that the baby cannot fall out and can be brought very close to the mother if necessary.

Design for products in hospitals is subject to strict safety criteria, from hygiene to transport. Compatibility with existing hospital beds is just as important in the development as a design language that matches the existing BABYNEL bed product family.

The first few days of a newborn’s life are very special. The BABYNEL-Bed co-sleep supports the natural need to give the baby a feeling of security and closeness, as it allows the lying surfaces to be connected between mother and child. In addition, infinitely variable height adjustment and low-vibration castors contribute to comfort.

In order to optimise the design, we were commissioned to investigate how the new medical standards could be complied with – with the aim of making operation even more intuitive and safe without changing the basic design or integrating electronic elements.

The decisive factor is that the castors can no longer be operated individually by foot. During the design process, we recommended automatically locking castors and integrated a release bar into the handle.

What sounds simple is quite complex in detail. Accidental unlocking, for example by siblings, must be prevented. We have integrated a child safety lock into the mechanism for operating the Bowden cable. The bar can only be pulled up once it has been tightened. The mechanism could be concealed if the design is revised.

Due to the height adjustment, we place the Bowden cable in a loop under the tray. The Bowden cable runs through the telescopic rod. A specially designed compact Bowden cable switch is located underneath the gas pressure spring. This allows two of Tente’s castors to be unlocked with a single operation.

In future, height adjustment will also only be possible by hand. We have developed levers that are easy to operate on both sides and actuate the gas pressure spring. The mechanism is also based on a laser-cut, folded sheet metal part and metal tubes with the same diameter as the roller release to ensure simple production for the existing design. The focus here was also on safe and ergonomic operation.

Ergonomics and Product Optimisation

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