a bib for two against table manners
with Marius Mühleisen

BiB, the bib for two, not only impresses with its memorable functionality, the fit is also well adapted to the human body. The wide contact surface at the neck prevents punctual pressure points and offers space for a large and durable velcro fastener. The clothing is optimally protected against dirtying.

While the round shape closure and the black sewn-on seam create an optical reference to a classic bib, the materiality of the transparent PVC film provides completely new insights into the process of unconscionable food intake. The whole mess becomes disgustingly visible, which eliminates any inherent pressure of the rules of etiquette.

You speak cutlery only in basic vocabulary? Have you always had problems with the strict etiquette rules at business lunches? How do you set a table correctly when inviting guests? Should you consider the seating arrangement beforehand or leave the choice to the guests?

BIB eliminates the need for tables, chairs and cutlery and thus relieves the user of questions of this kind. Table manners no longer play a role.
Even at serious business lunches, the double bib finally allows the diners to spill, smack and slurp without restraint, to dine with their hands and standing up.

Since a good wine should not be missing at any dinner, the integrated glasses form the perfect coronation.

We determined the shape, proportions and size of the bib empirically.

Teamwork with Marius Mühleisen

compact week Voll daneben! supervised by Vincenz Warnke

first bachelor semester industrial design