exterior design in the context of Formula Student
with Nikolai Proskurin and students of Beuth University

The members of the CURB commissioned us to design the exterior of their electric car. During the first research we noticed that the participants of the Formula Student Germany Electric mostly only covered the front part of the vehicles and neglected the back.

In the following concept phase I developed various modular possibilities for the integration of the battery boxes. In the context of the participation in the Formula Student it is also necessary to adhere to various specifications in the design: Uncovered wheels and roll bars, minimum distances to the chassis, crash foam size and minimum radii, just to name a few.

After conversations with the students who commissioned the project, I interwoven various approaches into a design. The design is modular, provides sufficient protection and ventilation for the batteries, complies with the safety regulations, includes the rear end design and leaves the frame visible.

Together with Nikolai Proskurin, I developed the design according to the client’s wishes from some of the presented designs of the class. From my design we mainly adopted the curved shape of the rear. I was responsible for the realization in the CAD program Catia.

Unfortunately, the cooperation partner did not finish the production of the tube construction on time. The last adaptation to possible deviations and the production of the body were therefore no longer required.

additional project with Nikolai Proskurin supervised by Torsten Redlich

Beuth University of Applied Sciences and Formula Student