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naturally beautiful calendars Increase in value through sustainable product design

Increasing value through sustainable product design – this is how you stay fit for the future!

In the run-up to Christmas, calendars are back in top form. The days of chocolate-only calendars are over. The range of products packed into 24 small or large doors has become immeasurable.

I also received a request to develop and design a calendar this year.

My aim was to design a sustainable product that could be used all year round beyond the Christmas campaign. The design of a calendar goes far beyond classic packaging design. Daily interaction with the user plays a special role in the concept and design. A drinks calendar must offer security and stability in the packaging to ensure safe transport.

During the conception phase, I developed various ideas for the calendar’s packaging design. After the first presentation, the Finefood & more team was immediately enthusiastic about two design variants, so they quickly decided to realise both.

How can a modular calendar work?
How should it be designed?
How can a modular calendar work?
How should it be designed?

The special thing about this calendar is the design. We deliberately opted for natural materials such as wood, cardboard and straw to make the calendar as sustainable as possible. This design variant follows a modular structure of cardboard boxes for 6, 12, 18 and or 24 bottles. Depending on the space available, this calendar can be displayed in a row, in an arch or in a corner. We made sure that the design was appealing and that all the information was easy to understand. We designed a product label, which serves as a stabilising connecting element and at the same time as product labelling.

The design of the calendar numbers, which can be found on the bottle tops, was also part of the project. Various typographic typefaces on grass paper not only show the day of the opening, but also highlight the variety of flavours of the Met.

This modular calendar is the ideal solution for Finefood & more to plan its future marketing activities. Over the course of the year, you can organise further marketing campaigns and adapt the units thematically – turning a small calendar idea into a big success.

The second design variant is a calendar packed in a pinewood crate. A 24-bottle compartment is integrated into the box to ensure the safety and stability of the bottles. The 24 bottles are also labelled with the number stickers and wood wool. The wooden crate is decorated with a stylish laser engraving of the company logo, so that it can be used sustainably and is an attractive eye-catcher in any kitchen.

The special challenge

The special challenge was the short-term realisation. Based on our convincing ideas and concepts, two calendar variants were to be realised from the first request to design a calendar in September. We achieved our goal of presenting the calendars to the public at our stand at the Christmas market in Leipzig in November.

These calendars are a real recommendation for all mead lovers and those who would like to become one. You are welcome to visit the Finefood & more market stall in Petersstraße Leipzig opposite the entrance to the Messehofpassage. Now the Christmas season can begin.

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