medical technology product design with a precise design language

The Swiss economy is known for its high-quality products and solutions and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. Our project partner SURGI LAB, a manufacturer of surgical instruments for ophthalmology, is no exception. By using innovative manufacturing processes and advanced materials, SURGI LAB is able to produce extremely high-quality and precise instruments.

The enquiry to us about medical technology product design came relatively late in the development process. The development team realised that the appearance of the products they had designed did not reflect their own high functional requirements. The design language and function did not yet form a clear unit. Our aim was to convey reliability and safety. This confidence avoids uncertainty and complications during operations.

Project phases in the design process

To start the product design process, we created a detailed design brief together with the customer. We use this to ensure that all requirements are met in every project. Our initial task was to create two design concepts for the customer, each in two product versions, in order to create a precise colour and design language for this product range. In the creative process, our team developed a round-flattened and a square-spherical version, each with its own product language. We neatly integrated the defined mechanical functional elements into the design concepts.

We use transparent and matt areas in a targeted manner to clearly separate visual and ergonomic product zones. During operation, the focus is clearly on the application. The design still allows production from a single material for the outer shell and saves costs. By reducing the colour and using a special surface treatment, we have significantly increased the quality. The three-dimensional SURGINJECT brand increases recognisability.

The implementation of existing individual components – such as functional elements inside and the blister packaging – were important parts of the project. From the client’s point of view, this step was crucial as it offers both economic and ecological benefits. By utilising existing processes and tools, not only can costs be reduced, but there are also fewer CO2 emissions.

The special challenge

One challenge was the late involvement in the development process with the time pressure shortly before the start of production. We were able to save an immense amount of time by immediately starting the CAD design process. Online meetings in combination with a screen transmission of the digital model enabled the customer to view their product from all perspectives, even over long distances and right from the start. We were able to clarify special features of the medical technology product design directly during the meeting. This made it possible to produce current models in-house at short notice in order to optimise ergonomics and function. This not only benefited the internal design process. SURGI LAB was also able to print the prototypes directly using 3D printing, pick them up and test them. The digital manufacturing process brings great added value for designers and clients, especially from an ergonomic point of view. 

The new injector from SURGI LAB

SURGINJECT is a professional medical injection device that is used during eye surgery to implant an intraocular lens. Thanks to its precise injection technology, SURGINJECT guarantees safe and effective treatment. We have therefore optimised the ergonomics for this procedure. In combination with reliable functionality and high-quality workmanship, it forms the basis for successful eye surgery. This enables doctors to treat their patients even better and increase the success rate of operations. The product proves once again how good product design in medicine can contribute to safe and effective treatment.

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