concept of a travel hair dryer

The general task of the examination project was to design a hair dryer for a target group to be determined by the client. I decided to develop a sustainable compact travel hair dryer.

During the research I noticed that the axial fan design used today is less efficient than the well-known radial fans in terms of size and consumption with the same performance. To prevent cable breakage, a slip ring system is used for power and signal transmission.

The concept consists of a travel hair dryer that is particularly flat due to the use of a radial fan, with the design of the closed form in the foreground, from which an ergonomic handle can be folded out in several stages around the blower. The switch is easily accessible and protected at the front handle area, which touches the air duct with heating elements when closed. The power cable should be removed and stored separately in the transport bag.

I rounded off the shape around the blower. To increase the efficiency I moved the rotating part of the blower from the middle of the housing. The distinctive shape of the air inlet is the result of the two circle centres

examination supervised by Antje Conrad

awarded by Best Sabel as Best Work 2014