Together with my team at SCHRÖDER DESIGN, I had the pleasure of designing the Energy Manager VoyagerX. In close co-operation with KATEK and Kiwigrid, we worked on the housing design and the arrangement of the functions of this ground-breaking product.

The Energy Manager VoyagerX is a compact gateway for energy management that networks PV systems, energy storage systems, wallboxes and heat pumps into a sector-coupled system regardless of manufacturer and acts as an interface to the KiwiOS energy IoT platform.

Based on a detailed specification sheet, we created numerous sketches of the housing shape and used them to develop eight variants of mould models. Our aim was to create designs that were not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and suitable for production.

Through intensive collaboration with KATEK and a comprehensive development process, we have brought the VoyagerX energy manager to production maturity. Our focus has always been on optimising intuitive operation and ease of use.

The result is a product that is well worth seeing: The VoyagerX Energy Manager from Kiwigrid is characterised by its flexible connectivity and unparalleled ease of installation. Unlike conventional gateways, the VoyagerX can be placed directly on or next to the devices, making installation quick and uncomplicated. In addition, its compact size and modern hardware design have reduced dependence on global supply chains and simplified system upgrades.

We are proud to have been part of this innovative project and are delighted with the positive response to the Energy Manager VoyagerX. Our collaboration with KATEK and Kiwigrid has shown that creative ideas, technical expertise and effective cooperation can result in pioneering products.

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