the mobile juice factory

MostTour is about fresh juice from local, regional and seasonal fruits – fruits that would otherwise simply fall off and spoil unused. We therefore refer you to our cooperation partner, whose platform with information and maps draws attention to “edible landscapes”.

The juice can be pressed directly at the place of harvest using the mobile juicing system and then taken home ready to be bottled. There is also extensive equipment that accompanies, supports and simplifies the process. Mobility is ensured by a drawbar that can be easily attached to two points on the trolley. Pulling by hand is just as possible as the quick and easy installation on any bicycle.

Due to the self-explanatory handling, the trolley can be rented for private use. Since we want to make MostTour accessible to everyone, the rental costs are low. On your own initiative you can then drive to public fruit trees or into your own garden to harvest and juice. Workshops with groups of up to 10 people are also possible. For example, you can meet them at the fruit tree and make juice. Besides, interesting facts about the local fruit varieties and meadows are conveyed.

An open car design was important to us so that the users could have an overview of the functions of the individual parts, so that they did not get in the way of the small car too much and so that the car was easy to clean.

In four iterations, a stable, light-weight, cleanly welded stainless steel tube construction with a wooden work surface and functional elements on two further levels was created, which we produced in the university workshops. We used stainless steel because of its unique resistance to fruit acids, durability and hygienic properties.

We wanted to use the advantages of a spindle screw press over other pressing processes for MostTour. The fruit is crushed by the pointed, spiral-shaped cylinder, pushed forward and crushed until finally the high-quality juice emerges separated from the dry pomace with seeds.

This cold pressing process is very gentle, all vitamins and nutrients are retained and the juice yield is very high.

With the aim of a milled or cast stainless steel press, we further developed our model in several iterations from a purchased plastic variant. Unfortunately, none of the companies contacted could manufacture the spindle press for us.

MostTour has everything that a mobile moster needs. After the harvest the process starts with the washing. This is followed by shredding and finally juice pressing and filling. Even for the cleaning and transport of juice and fruit everything is available in the trailer.

project in cooperation with Sebastián Quiroz Segovia & Bianca Voigt

semester project Flying Kitchen and Excursus Milan Design Week under the direction of professors Klaus Michel & Guido Englich

project website MostTour

sixth bachelor semester Industrial Design