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Networking plays a critical role in navigating today’s dynamic business world. It’s not just about exchanging business cards or making small talk at events; it’s about building meaningful relationships, fostering collaboration and unlocking new opportunities.

And when it comes to networking in Leipzig, there is one platform that stands out in particular – the easy business club (ebc) Leipzig, initiated by JamesParsons.

The ebc Leipzig is a network for forward-thinking business people and embodies the principles of simplicity, sustainability and straightforwardness. With monthly meetings for breakfast or in the evening, it offers the perfect environment to make connections and grow.

I am proud to report that the Lord Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, visited the easy business club Leipzig. This visit emphasises the importance and relevance that the ebc has for the business community in Leipzig. As a platform for business people, the ebc offers a unique opportunity to network with leading figures in the city and to gain direct insights into the future plans and visions of the city of Leipzig. The Mayor’s visit confirms the growing recognition of ebc Leipzig as a driving force that promotes exchange and co-operation between companies.

Here are some of the advantages offered by the easy business club Leipzig:

🤝 Support: At ebc Leipzig, we believe in strengthening each other. By supporting each other, we increase our presence on social media, fill vacancies quickly and have the right people by our side at events.

🌐 Networking: ebc Leipzig has a diverse network of experts who bring their own contacts with them. This means access to a wide range of events and opportunities. We also invite each other to relevant events to maximise our networking potential.

🎓 Sustainable learning: Through our monthly meetings, we live the principle of lifelong learning. Together, we share knowledge and skills and ensure that our findings are sustainable.

👥 Connecting across generations: Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or a young entrepreneur just starting out, ebc Leipzig provides a platform for cross-generational collaboration. By combining youthful energy and experienced wisdom, we can all learn and grow together.

💼 Business Deals: As members of ebc Leipzig, we actively promote and facilitate business opportunities with each other. Through recommendations and referrals, we act as catalysts and intermediaries and open doors to success for each other.

Brand development for the easy business club

As our network continues to grow, so does the visual representation of our easy business club. Together with Karen Engelmann, I passionately dedicated myself to the brand development for this regional network and designed the unmistakable network logo. We also designed the effective roll-up banners that will support future events. Working closely together, the experts at Content & Code were able to perfectly integrate the design elements we developed into the ebc Leipzig website. Our contribution to the overall identity of ebc Leipzig is of great importance and plays a key role in shaping the appearance of the network.

We are proud to be part of this dedicated community and look forward to continuing to contribute our design expertise to support the success of the easy business club. 🚀

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